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3 Jul 2018

Bukit Indah: An Untapped Real Estate Investment Destination

Bukit Indah: An Untapped Real Estate Investment Destination

With less than 60,000 people and a just over 10,000 houses, Bukit Indah may seem like just another relatively large township; however, appearances can be deceiving. For instance, did you know that Singapore is located relatively close by and you can get there via a local bus? Combined with it's natural beauty, Tesco Hypermarket and the presence of a large regional shopping center, this gives Bukit Indah a considerable amount of potential as a tourism and trade destination.

How Can Real Estate Investors Take Advantage of This?

After eyeing the right property that is both affordable and is clearly suitable for your investment needs, you will need to make use of Malaysia home calculator to make sure that you are financially fit for such investment. After that, determine which of the following markets are you going to cater to:

a.) Tourists
Due to its proximity, many tourists from Singapore come to Bukit Indah to take in the sights and go shopping. Some of them even choose to stay overnight in various local hotels since they want to get more sightseeing done. What you could potentially do is purchase a condo unit in the area and rent it out on a per-day basis. You are likely to get a lot of Singaporean guests since Airbnb is quite popular in Singapore.

b.) Business Travellers
As a potential hub for trade, Bukit Indah has experienced an increase in the amount of business travellers from Singapore and other parts of Malaysia. You can take advantage of this by creating your own website and using Google Ads to indicate that you specialize in providing rooms for business travellers. 

c.) Land Investment
As a potential tourism and industrial hub, the land in Bukit Indah does have a lot of vacant lands to invest in. You can make a lot of money from this by purchasing vacant lots in specific areas where there is the greatest potential for growth and development. As the area develops and land prices go up, you can sell your land for a significant profit later on.

Viability of Real Estate Investments

Yes, it may seem like a risk but there are already several impressive building developments in the area which showcase the potential that the region has. Buildings like the Sky Executive Suites, the Indah Court Apartments and the Sky Loft are just a few of the developments that have been constructed in the region. With the Malaysian and Singaporean government easing the requirements for immigration and visas for workers, it is likely that the region will experience a substantial amount of growth in the coming years as more developers and migrants flock to the area.

Would Investing in a House be a Good Decision?

The problem with investing in a house in Bukit Indah is that the viability doesn't match with the planned development of the region. As a potential tourism and trade hotspot, condominums and land are more likely to be sought after rather than houses. There are already 10,000 houses in the area alone which makes demand quite low. 

Determining Which Areas are the Best of Investment

Before you start investing in land or a condo unit in the area, you need to understand what properties are more likely to increase in value over the next few years. One of the first areas you need to consider are those around the AEON Jusco Bukit Indah Regional Shopping Center. This is a popular area that many tourists from Singapore and people from the surrounding provinces go to due to the sheer amount of different shops in the area. 

However, when looking at the location, you will notice a lot of vacant land that has yet to be developed. The number of tourists and the amount of vacant lots are good indicators of where future developments are likely to be established; this is due to developers preferring to construct buildings in popular areas. 

Other potential areas to considera are the areas with Sky Executive Suits and the Sky Loft. These areas already have developments in place and are likely to have more crop up around them since developers tend to create master plans for particular regions that can take up to 20 years to fully manifest. You can choose to either purchase land or even a house in these locations for the express purpose of selling it later on as the developer buys up the vacant land.

All in all, Bukit Indah has a lot of potential as a future tourism and investment hub for the Malaysian and Singaporean governments. It may not be as apparent now with its small population, but as more investors and developers flock to the area, it is likely that real estate prices will grow considerably in the coming years. Just remember, before you invest in anything, always do enough research so that you are making an informed decision. One of the worst things you could do is invest "based on a feeling" and not hard facts.


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